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Setting up multiple codes and posting rules per client

When we autopost the payments, the balance is left on to manually adjust off in some manner.   If I were to set up each individual’s account it only allows for one procedure code.  It would be helpful since we bill several different codes and get reimbursed differently depending on the insurance, if we were able to set up all the codes on an individual so that when the payment is posted the adjustments can be made automatically verses having to go into each account and each day to make manual adjustments

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  • Feb 20 2020
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  • Mar 3, 2020

    Admin Response

    Our Clinical Director will be reaching out to you to discuss this request. Thank you.

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  • Michelle Crook commented
    20 Feb 04:44pm

    Try using the "Refresh from Note" Button and see - this has helped us balance and have the charges updated.