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If a patient is wanting to Confirm or cancel thier appt via the email reminder then those msgs NEED to be routed to the person who is set up to rcv msgs regarding appt. All the msgs for pts who are confirming or cancelling appts are going directly to the provider - That is a BIG issue in our clinic. Some of our providers are not checking their msgs daily because they are not here every day and if a pt sends a msg and the provider does not read that for a few days the pt is at risk for being charged a no show or late cancellation because the msg was not routed to the appropriate person to begin with. Please fix this issue ASAP! I have opened a few tickets in the past and I was told this is my only way to "Suggest" a fix.

  • Michelle Crook
  • Jan 20 2020
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  • John Cross-Sarvis commented
    26 Feb 09:41pm

    I stumbled across this over the weekend when configuring the portal and thought it was a bug.  For some reason, these messages are being treated as addressed to blank and therefore are defaulting to the assigned provider.  None of the Dr's are going to take the time to act on or forward those messages as it is clearly and admin / office function to manage the appointments.  If should be easy to fix this to direct to the distribution list for appointments in the messaging center if enabled, or set a default person or group if it is not.