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Urgent need: prelim pt form for each appt of the day, for pt to take to reception that indicates when next appt is needed, etc

URGENT NEED:  patients need something in hand to take back to reception that notes when dr would like to see them back, and to get the check out process started.    An added benefit would be to have any back balances show on it as well.   Patients have nothing to give the receptionists and often can't remember what the provider said about when followup appt is needed.  Even though we do print out superbill at the end of the appointment (which is time consuming already) we do not have info on followup instructions from the doctor unless the patient tells us.  Our old system let us print superbills beforehand with cpt codes listed, which doctors could check off, and would note at the bottom any instructions for the patient and when next followup was needed.  We desperately need something in lieu of that.  1/3 to 1/2 a sheet of paper would be preferred for each pt scheduled.

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  • Jan 17 2020
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