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Add Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder to the Complete Evaluation & Progress Note

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) was created in response to the inaccurate and over-diagnosing of Bipolar I Disorder in children and adolescents with chronic irritability who struggled to regulate their moods, emotions, and behavior to a clinically significant degree, but who do not experience mania in association with this.   Bipolar I Disorder is a severe, life-long illness requiring medication and carrying a significant stigma, especially for young children misdiagnosed with it.  DMD does not carry this stigma, typically does not "progress" to Bipolar I, and is managed first with therapy, behavioral interventions, and parent training - leaving medication as a last resort.

Adding a "button" for DMDD, which allows for the same expedited listing of present and absent symptoms as the other major disorders, would greatly benefit the professional performing and documenting the evaluation, but also help insure children are not improperly diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder simply because it was "easier" to click those buttons than freehand type the DMDD symptoms out.

I attached a "very rough" draft, which y'all probably don't need...

  • Warren Charleston
  • Jan 14 2020
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