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Please create a Provider Alert Reminder Report

Please create a Provider Alert Reminder Report that prints out all patients seen that do not have a note or a signature.  I know this is provided in the Billing Reminder Report but that has more info than they want.  They need clean, simple and to the point.  They have enough going on in their world.  So a report that list the patient name, date of service and needs note or needs signature.  It does not need to print out all the no shows or cancellations, just the patients that attended and received services.  This should be easily accessed right when they sign into ICANotes.  This is a report that needs to be created ASAP.  Keep the Billing Reminder Report as that is very useful for administrative staff.  But the providers they just want to know what patient I saw and what note I need to complete.

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  • Oct 22 2019
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