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Cut/Paste feature for adding new MCA codes

Our Managed Care payer gives us a list of authorization codes for each CPT (or service) code. All of this payer's insureds use the same authorization code. The codes change based on the procedure. So, every client from this payer uses the same authorization code for the same procedure. But Icanotes makes us enter each authorization code for each client. The program even forces us to enter an expiration date. If there was a copy/paste feature, it would save us time. Instead, adding authorization codes for each client for each procedure, as a biller, is the most time-consuming part of my day.  I have to enter data in every field, line by line, and field by field. We have several billers, and the room for data entry errors is tremendous when entering the authorization code. Incorrect authorization codes cause at least half of our claim rejections. It's a real problem. 

  • Sharmil McKee
  • Jan 9 2019
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