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Add 3 Additional Patient Status Buttons - Discharged - New Patient Request - Not Admitted

In Demographics under the Patient Information tab in Patient Status, I'd like to see three (3) additional radio buttons: 
1)  Discharged - when a patient is discharged by the Physician or Practice Administrator and not to scheduled at any future date. Note: Active, Inactive and Pending all allow the creation of an appointment.  Discharge permissions should only be given to users with administrator RTU. 
2)  New Patient Request - this would work in concert with the telephone intake form.  Most psychiatric practices to not "arbitrarily" schedule new patients without going through a triage to determine practitioner compatibility, insurance benefits and document submission.  This would allow an easy search of new patient requests for staff followup.  A major advantage with this is to be able to search new patient requests by Insurer in the Clinical/Demographic Search. 
3)  Not Admitted - Similar to Discharged, this would be for New Patient Requests that were not admitted to the practice for one reason or another.  It should have the same features as the Discharged but the difference is that it would absolve the physician/practice of any liability as the prospective patient was never seen at the practice.  

  • Barney Ketteringham
  • Sep 10 2018
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